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The Highlight of My Day

Had a very stressful day today. Got some bad news from a family member and received some horrible customer service from a local dental office. This afternoon I pulled up to Raines, planning to run in a side door and handle something that would take 10 minutes. I was not in the mood. For a while, some of my Rainesmen and band students have been making fun of the old & shabby Savannah State University key chain that my work keys are attached to. As I was hurrying into the building, hoping no one would stop me, one of my Rainesmen started running down the sidewalk in my direction. When I got inside the building he ran up to the door. Once inside he called my name. I turned around, speaking to him in a monotone voice. He pulled a brand new, brightly colored, Savannah State University key chain out of his pocket and handed it to me. He said that he visited a college fair today, saw an SSU display and grabbed me one of the key chains they had on the table as promotional giveaways. "I thought about ya Mr. Hall, now you can get rid of your old one". WOW. Something soo simple touched me soo deeply. This was the true highlight of my day!

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