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Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys Act of 2019

Growing up in Jacksonville Richard was 11 years old when Jordan Davis was killed. He was living blocks away from the gas station where a gunman shot Davis because of his loud music. His mom now fears for her firstborn every time he is outside, she has to pass the area where Jordan Davis was gunned down every day on the way to work. It shouldn’t be like this.

On Wednesday, Richard who is a member of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence at Terry Parker High School was selected to join Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (founder of the 5000 Role Models) for a press conference discussing The Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys Act of 2019. This bill will establish a bipartisan commission that will be housed within the United States Commission on Civil Rights’ office. The Commission is tasked with examining the social disparities, including high rates of homicide, high dropout levels and high levels of incarceration that disproportionately affect black men and boys in America. Richard was able to share his thoughts and experiences of being a young man of color.

Richard did not want us to write his speech. He knew exactly how he felt and what he wanted to say.

Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, is now a Congresswoman for Georgia's 6th Congressional District. McBath will Co-Chair The Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys Act of 2019. After the press conference, Richard was able to meet with the Congresswoman. In that meeting, Richard presented her with the design of the Wolfson High School class ring that she will receive in honor of her son.

Her office said she only had five minutes in her schedule. However, Congresswoman McBath took her time with Richard. They shared. She gave him some advice. Richard explained to her the impact Jordan's death has had on his life. They laughed. They cried together. It was a beautiful experience.

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