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"One of Mines"

I was in Tallahassee yesterday with some high school male students from six different Duval County high schools. The students were scheduled to meet with some of their legislatures. While in Tallahassee we made a visit to FAMU's campus. After visiting the FAMU FSU College of Engineering, I reached out to a few Raines Alumni who are currently enrolled at FAMU. They did not hesitate to make room in their busy schedules, find us on campus and have an impromptu meeting with my group. They were able to share their college experiences with them and provide some advice on life after high school. It was very powerful and meaningful for these students to receive wisdom from their peers. These kinds of candid conversations are very meaningful because students often connect with commonalities like coming from similar socio-economic backgrounds, high schools, neighborhoods, and family experiences.

How proud I was to be able to say that these students were “one of mines”. Raines is a breeding ground for excellence! These students are truly ambassadors of good will. Kudos to them all! Thank you Ahmon, Dayquon, Taylor, Diamond, Derrell & Dominic!

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