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Deborah Mosley Norman

I have fond memories of Deborah Mosley Norman during my years as a student at William M. Raines High School. However, it was my relationship with her during my adult life that made the most impact on me.

She always had an encouraging and uplifting message on her lips. "Willie, your doing a great job!"

She would call on me when she needed me. "Willie, I'm having a program and I have you down to take pictures." She would not ask, she would tell me, lol.

She bragged on and celebrated her Vikings. "Now you know he went to Raines!"

She always answered when I needed her. "Willie, just send me the information and I will take care of it."

At commencement it was a new tradition for her to narrate the prelude of the graduates entrance. She would stand at the podium and wait for my cue to begin her monologue. "Willie, let me know when to start." As I gave her the cue her voice would beam from the public address system: "In 1965, on the campus of William M. Raines High School..."

One of the many ways she continued to serve Raines is by helping to prepare resolutions to honor deceased Vikings. She would call me and tell me that a prominent Raines Viking had passed and I needed to make sure the school prepared a resolution and get the principal's signature. She knew everyone. She knew all the details of their time at Raines.

When I got the news, I could not call her for help this time. This one was all up to me. I heard her saying, "Willie, you know what to say. I taught you well, now make it happen!"

Yes mam. I love you.


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